Isla – Experience Serenity and Culture

(by Joey Pavia)

Isla Resort Angeles City Facade

Isla Resort, Angeles City

Nestled in a quiet subdivision here is a newly-opened resort which is ideal for weddings, birthdays and other gatherings. Businessman Jay Del Rosario called it “Isla” – a carefully-designed resort at the heart of Town and Country Subdivision in Barangay Pulung Bulu. He derived it from the name of the village meaning island in the native language.

“It’s no ordinary resort. We have instilled Capampangan culture in it,” said Del Rosario shortly after Isla’s opening on November 12. He disclosed that Isla is inspired by the pre-colonial (Spanish) set-up of Pampanga.

No less than Capampangan culture advocate Mike Pangilinan, visual artist Ronnie Tayag of this city and Shirley Sanders, landscaper of the Ayala projects, helped Del Rosario put up his “dream business” at the old site of his hollow blocks making firm.

“I am a landscaper and I find peace when I do it .I also find peace when I a in a beautiful place such as Isla,” said Del Rosario, who sold his thriving DuraBlocks firm to pursue “a calling.”

“I am will get old fast and be full of stress if I had not sold Durablocks,” added Del Rosario in a jest.
Isla’s main features are a swimming pool, a clubhouse called “Lakandula,” and yes, for lovers, a honeymoon sweet room dubbed “Balebalayan.” The resort sits on a some 2,200 square-meter property. Asked for the price of renting Isla, Del Rosario said “very competitive.”

“Anything is possible at Isla. Only what our clients want will happen,” he added.

Bale-Balayan Isla Resort Angeles City

Balebalayan Interior


Bale-Balayan Exterior Isla Resort Angeles City

Bale-Balayan Exterior – Isla Resort Angeles City


Lacandula Isla Resort Angeles City

Lacandula – Isla Resort, Angeles City (Photo by Jojo Due)


Lacandula Entrance Isla Resort Angeles City

Lacandula Entrance


Lacandula Dining Isla Resort Angeles City

Dining @ Lacandula


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